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Long-awaited changes to regulation of placer mining in the Yukon

Yukon placer mining legislation has remained largely unchanged since the early 19th century. There are a number of concerns with the current regime, including indefinite tenure, misuse of placer claims, and mining in ecologically and culturally sensitive areas. New initiatives will update the legislation, and hopefully address concerns about the impact of the industry on the environment and First Nation rights.

British Columbia Utilities Commission issues draft report on the regulation of Indigenous owned and operated utilities

On November 1, 2019 the BCUC issued its draft report to the BC Government on the regulation of Indigenous owned and operated utilities. The report includes draft recommendations for the BC Government. The BCUC is holding workshops on the draft report and participants may submit comments until March 2, 2019.

British Columbia tables legislation to implement UNDRIP

Bill 41 sets out a framework to align the laws of British Columbia, including existing and future laws, with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), and requires the province to prepare and implement a plan on how to meet the objectives of UNDRIP. This plan must be prepared and implemented in consultation and cooperation with Indigenous peoples in British Columbia.

British Columbia Utilities Commission establishes inquiry into regulation of Indigenous utilities

Indigenous groups have until Tuesday September 10 to submit letters of comments to a British Columbia Utilities Commission inquiry into the regulation of Indigenous owned and operated utilities.

Changes to the BC Community Care and Assisted Living Act come into force December 1, 2019

The BC government has announced that changes to the Community Care and Assisted Living Act will come into force from December 1, 2019. The changes give seniors greater flexibility to stay in assisted living residences and increase regulatory oversight to strengthen protections for residents. The new rules should assist First Nations considering setting up an assisted living facility to address the growing gap in services for elders.

CRA rules that GST applies to administrative services provided by Regional District to Regional Hospital Districts

The CRA recently confirmed its view that administrative services provided by a Regional District to a Regional Hospital District are subject to GST. The CRA ruling turned on the fact that a regional hospital district does not perform any governance functions and is therefore not a municipality for GST purposes. Without that status, the administrative services provided by the regional district to the regional hospital district do not fit within a GST exemption.